Empire Earth II

Empire Earth II 1.20

Empire Earth 2 is a strategy game that takes you through several epochs
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Empire Earth 2 is a strategy game that could be harmful in the hands of a dictator. Jokes aside, the game is extremely fun and challenging. There is more to winning than having a better army, I think. You have to keep an eye on many things so that your country is the best and survives each campaign. For starters, you have to gather resources from the ground and sea. Those resources will give your people food, so that they can build other things, which in return, need more resources. You can gather food, wood, iron, gold, and more. You can even trade those resources any way you want. The game takes you through several epochs. You can either start by the oldest one or you can cheat your way into more modern ages. I personally like the ages where there are tanks and planes and modern weaponry. But some people might like other ages. Still, the game should prove challenging without regard to the age of your liking. I remember having played this game for more than 10 yours straight when I was young(er).

José Fernández
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